Another witty and unordinary story book from the beloved author of The Night Sun (Gece Güneşi)! Trying to move away from the unexciting, uncolored world of adults, the author is going after childish dreams, sweet rushes, and adverse colors. Telling about the importance of being loved & understood for everyone, the story is reminding us about the healing power of arts. Enriched with distinctive illustrations of successful illustrator Merve Atılgan, this book has the power to put a smile on the face of everyone who is in the mopes.


Volante feels different from her “perfect” older sister, her continuously crying little brother, and her mother who always speaks with her eyes. When she gets bored, she either dreams of flying away or she draws pictures. One day at the airport, while they are waiting for their flight which will take them to the grandma, she moves away from her family thinking that she’s not loved by them. While wandering around with her colorful socks, coloring pens and curious eyes, she meets with new people who will influence her dreams…

Karin Karakaşlı

She was born in İstanbul. She graduated from Boğaziçi University, Department of Foreign Languages and Translation, followed by a master’s degree from Yeditepe University in the field of Comparative Literature. Her first story book for adults was published in 1999. She received Yaşar Nabi Nayır Award in 1998. Her books for children and young adults are being published by Günışığı Kitaplığı. Her award winner young adult’s novel When the Moon Meets the Sea (Ay Denizle Buluşunca, 2008) followed by a picture book named The Night Sun (Gece Güneşi, ill. Şirin Dağtekin Yenen, 2011) which tells about imagination of a sister devamı için tıklayınız

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