Beloved children’s author Gülsevin Kıral, who is known for her humorous style, turned the unforgettable rhymes of Turkish folk literature into mischievous stories for her young readers. Story poems that are pleasant to say, pleasant to listen to, and constructed with language plays invite readers of all ages to the funny, cheerful and colorful world of tongue twisters. The book, which is designed with language plays, enables readers of all ages to enjoy Turkish and also allows children to easily understand rhymes and interpret them in creative ways. After her award-winning book When Fleas were Barbers and Camels were Brokers (Berber Pire Tellal Deve), in which she interprets traditional tales and jokes, Kıral again greets her readers with a rare work in children’s literature. Story poems adorned with the internationally renowned illustrator Sadi Güran’s unique illustrations constitute a visual literary feast.


The book covers 12 unforgettable story poems that is intertwined with Turkish culture… Every story poem takes a classic tongue twister and adds an interesting perspective to the story with Gülsevin Kıral’s interpretation.

Gülsevin Kıral

She was born in Eskişehir in 1959. After graduating from Boğaziçi University’s Economy department, she began to work for banking industry. In 2008, her narrative poems named “Evvel Zaman İçinde” and “Ablamı Nereye Kaçırdılar (2016)” won awards and these works turned into a book named When Fleas were Barbers and Camels were Brokers (Berber Pire Tellal Deve) published by Günışığı Kitaplığı. After Posta Kutumdan Sihir Çıktı (2006) she wrote two funny children’s stories close to mystery stories named “Gizli Silahın Formülü Hangi Zarfta?” and “Ağaçlar Yemek Yapar mı?”. These two children’s stories were awarded as 2006 Sulhi Dölek Award winner devamı için tıklayınız

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