The story points at the curative effect of art in our lives while glorifying creative thinking and cultural values. With its lovely story and wonderful illustrations, the book succeeds in getting attention of children to the art of marbling, which is one of the most interesting techniques of traditional Turkish arts.

With its design and colourful illustrations by the award winning graphic artist Huban Korman the books impresses not only children but adults as well.


One day an old man visits the Hop-Hop School, whose students are bouncing around all day long without paying attention to anything. The old man who started to do marbling in their school’s garden attracts the attention of all the children and they watch him calmly all day long.
The old man tells them a story: Hundreds of years ago, the Sultan whose decrees were being faked and subjects were being robbed, sent runners all over his country to look for a solution. One day as he was walking thoughtful in the garden of his palace, his steps took him to the mansion he had donated to his old friend the Marbling Master. From that day on no one could fake the Sultan’s decrees. Yes, but how come?.

Aysel Gürmen

Aysel Gürmen, award-winning author, is one of the founders of Uçanbalık Yayınları, a publishing house on children’s books, which she managed for 13 years.  Gürmen has written more than 40 children’s book and won many prestigious awards.