Siyami Bey, the Siamese cat who settled in the home of the man who saved his life on a rainy night, was very happy. The family members were competing to make him comfortable. But Siyami Bey was not very fond of his saviour. Out of spite, he slept on his armchair, always sat on his chair at the dinner table. The poor man had started to live like a refugee in his own house. One day Siyami Bey disappeared. While everyone at home mourned, the poor man was relieved. Yes but, wasn’t this huge tough bully  Siyami Bey, himself?


Stories in the book:

• Siyami Bey
• For the Love of a Bicycle
• Hazelnut Beauty
• The Red Tens
• Natır Naciye’s Granddaughter
• Hood Repairer Brothers
• The Tea Maker and His Children
• Mr. Owl

In this book Zeynep Cemali, beloved and encouraging writer of children’s fiction, collected six enchanting stories. The common characteristic of all the six surprising stories is a wicked cat that strolls through the lines!


Zeynep Cemali

Zeynep Cemali, born in 1950, proved her talent as a story writer and successfully applied her original story-telling also into her novels. She has reached readers of all ages through her books with high circulation figures. Cemali died in 2009, leaving behind her last novel Woman From Ankara.

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