The owner of the prestigious poetry awards, master author, poet Çiğdem Sezer voices childish dreams, joy and wishes in her new poetry book. Her poems extending from homes to streets, from sky to birds, from trees to the hearts of words, inspire children. With a humorous and loving approach to various moments of life, poems woven with an innocent plainness create multicolored and multidimensional images. It opens the door of a world full of unique childhood feelings for young readers to approach the world around them with heart and soul. Artist Sadi Güran’s refined and original illustrations enrich the poems and make readers feel the warmth of them.


Some poems from the book: You Raise Me Mom, The World is a Home for All, Laughter Cake, I Can Read by Myself, Balloon Seller Boy, Apple Tree, What Remained are The Clouds, Grandma’s Glasses, My Dad is a Hero, Words are Colourful, Words Have Eyes, The Words Change Place…

Çiğdem Sezer

Sezer was born in Trabzon. After graduating from Ankara Gevher Nesibe Health Education Institute, she worked in various places as a nurse and a teacher. Her poems were published in various literary magazines such as Kıyı, Karşı, Çağdaş Türk Dili and Varlık. Her first book of poems Kanadı Atlas Kuşlar (1991) received numerous awards. She received Dünya Book Magazine Poetry Award for Çılgın Su (1993), Orhon Murat Arıburnu Poetry Award for Bir Şehrin Hatıra Fotoğraflarından (1998), 2006 Ceyhun Atuf Kansu Poetry Award for Dünya Tutulması (2005) and 2017 Dağlarca Poetry Award for Küçük Şeyler Mevsimi (2016). Besides her poetry books, she has books in other genres such as city monographies devamı için tıklayınız

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