Yeşim Armutak who is known for her fictions full of mystery succeeds in creating a real adventure story relevant to everyday life. Glorifying the power of friendship, the book offers its readers an unforgettable story.


Three friends, “Magnifier”, Efe and “Marbles” who are bored with the monotony of their hot summer vacation look for ways to cheer up. They are very happy to learn that their new mysterious neighbour is an old Puppet Player. The house and stories of the Puppet Player brighten their days. While taking a bicycle tour, the three boys and Melodi, who joins them in the middle of the vacation, see a cave where they find a hand written letter dating back to hundreds of years ago, a ring and a bone. This is the beginning of a breathtaking adventure.

Yeşim Saygın

She was born in Bursa and spent her childhood in this charming, green city. She studied veterinary medicine in İstanbul University, and continued with her doctoral studies in Marmara University, Faculty of Pharmacy. Her poems and articles were published in magazines such as Varlık, Milliyet Sanat, Cumhuriyet Kitap and Hürriyet Gösteri. In 1996, she received Yaşar Nabi Nayır Remarkable Poetry Award. Her first children’s novel Children of the Haunted Lake (Hayaletli Gölün Çocukları, 2007) was followed by The Harmonica Player (Mızıkacı, 2005). House by the Swamp (Bataklığın Kıyısındaki Ev, 2007) received IBBY Turkey Jury Special Award for Children’s Book of devamı için tıklayınız

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