Hacer Kılcıoğlu, beloved author of award winning children’s and young adult books such as The Moon is Everywhere and We Were Three Children in İzmir, is greeting her readers with a new, airy book covering ten stories relating weather conditions and people’s moods. In all stories, readers witness the daily life and adventures of different children from different geographies and cultures. The stories are full of fun thanks to humoristic style of Kılcıoğlu.

Accompanied with impressive illustrations by Huban Korman, each story in the book cracks the door open to a new and hope inspiring life for children who look at the world with curious eyes.


The nyctophobia of Eren who came from Philippines to Çeşme for holidays…The flurried euphoria of a friendship that started on a starry night on a shipboard…The unforgettable taste of a sweet smelling birthday celebrated on a city bus… The gloom of waiting for the plane from Berlin to Alaşehir after a long time… Stories jumping from the sun to the stars, from the clouds to the rainbow, from the rain to the storm, hook on a bird’s wing and meet in the sky…

Hacer Kılcıoğlu

She was born in Alaşehir, Manisa. She worked as an English teacher. Loving to be a traveler, Kılcıoğlu compiled her childhood and youth memories in her books I was Once a Child (Ben Eskiden Çocuktum, 2003) and Speaking to Jale (Jale’yle Konuşmak, 2006). Her first children’s novel I Love Thursdays (Perşembeleri Çok Severim, 2009) is followed by a young adult novel named We were Three Children in İzmir (İzmir’de Üç Çocuktuk – Sezen, Haluk, Meltem, 2010) based on the memories of three famous Turkish artists raised in the same neighborhood. This book (designed by Huban Korman) received IBBY Turkey’s 2010 Best Children’s Book Design Award. After her entertaining devamı için tıklayınız

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