A powerful narrative from the children’s point of view about how love, tolerance and solidarity can overcome social problems.


In his village in the Taurus Mountains, Memo has come face to face with blood feud at a very young age and his life has turned into an interminable chase between not killing and not being killed. His painful years as a runaway mature him but he is very tired when he finally reaches Güzelce village on the Black Sea coast. At first, the children who discover him in a deserted shack far from the village are frightened. But things change as they learn his story. Memo, the runaway, tries to learn to “hold back to life” in this fishing village, among these people he doesn’t know.



Zeynep Cemali

Zeynep Cemali, born in 1950, proved her talent as a story writer and successfully applied her original story-telling also into her novels. She has reached readers of all ages through her books with high circulation figures. Cemali died in 2009, leaving behind her last novel Woman From Ankara.

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