Stories in the book:

• Curious Pandora and the Talking Box

• Asklepeios and the Healing Snakes

• Phaethon and the Horses of the Sun Chariot

• Echo and Narcissus

• Midas’ Gold

• Prometheus: Immortal of Enlightenment

• Apollo’s Lyre or Marsyas’ Flute?

• The World’s First Beauty Pageant

Ahmet Ünver

Ahmet Ünver was born in 1955.  He had his BA degree in İstanbul University, Faculty of Management and MBA degree in İstanbul  Boğaziçi University. Besides his professional work in the areas of public relations and advertising, Ünver  also worked as a journalist, a researcher and an arts critic. He has published translations from English to Turkish and Turkish to English. Ünver lives in İstanbul with his wife.