Fadime Uslu, receiver of the 2011 Yunus Nadi Story Award, writes for children for the first time. Fadime Uslu uses an emotional language to narrate a young girl’s love for writing and the way writing is shaped with life, through Şeyma’s relation with her hard to communicate father, her emphatic mother, naughty brother and friends. The candid chats she has with her sea lover uncle reveal the internal showdown of sensitive, fragile people who are awaiting to be understood.


Şeyma’s dream is to write stories. She wants to put her experiences with her family, young brother and friends into words. Şeyma’s greatest source of inspiration is her uncle who comes to Istanbul every few years. Whenever her uncle who became a seaman inspite of his family’s objections and travels all around the world comes to Istanbul, he brings along a little animal friend and adventures in distant countries. The stories her uncle tells her will affect Şeyma in her self-exploration and story writing adventure…

Fadime Uslu

She was born in Adana in 1978. After graduating from Art History Department of Ege University, she studied at Primary School Teaching Department of Dokuz Eylül University. She worked as an editor. Her first short stories were published in literary magazine named Sözcükler. Her first book Büyük Kızlar Ağlamaz was published in 2010. Her first children’s book Sokağın Kuyruğu was published in the following year. In 2011, she has been awarded with Yunus Nadi Story Award with her story named Gölgede Yaşamak. Her two children’s books My Uncle Out of the Blue (Çat Kapı Dayım, 2012) and The Runaway Heroes (Kaçak Kahramanlar, 2014) were published devamı için tıklayınız

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Kaçak Kahramanlar

The Runaway Heroes
Fadime Uslu