Opera singer and author Kaan Elbingil who had attracted a great deal of attention with his previous books Berk The Little Genius (Berk Mucit Oldu) and Berk Becomes An Opera Singer (Berk Operacı Oldu), now comes with a new adventure for his child readers. This time, author connects a friendship founded with a dog to a interesting, funny mystery. Berk increases the humour in this entertaining, surprising story for both parents and children. In this new standalone adventure of the series, Berk gets obsessive about catching the thief in the neighbourhood. The story weaves concepts like prejudge, solidarity, friendship and deception with humour, and presents very colourful dream world with illustrator Merve Atılgan’s lovely works.


Berk sets his eyes to becoming a detective! According to him, that is the most important job in the world. Family’s new member Chip Chip the dog becomes his partner. Best buddies will search everywhere, from neighbourhood butcher to school for crime and the criminal. But as can be seen from the lost belongings, there is already a thief! When neighbours claim that Chip Chip is guilty, everything goes sideways. Will Berk be able to clear the name of his partner?

Kaan Elbingil

He was born in Rize in 1971. He started his voice training in Dokuz Eylül University’s İzmir State Conservatory. He completed his education in 1994 and graduated from Bilkent University’s Music Faculty Voice Training Department. After Ankara State Opera and Ballet, he performed at İzmir State Opera and Ballet as a choir singer. Also being a positive dog trainer, Elbingil wrote articles about dog training in Popular Psychiatry Magazine. He prepared and presented radio shows. Children’s musical entitled Dodo the Detective Dog, written by Elbingil, was staged by İstanbul State Opera and Ballet in season 2016. Berk the Little Genius (Berk Mucit devamı için tıklayınız

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