1997 BU Publishing House Novel Contest Mention

An unforgettable young adult novel about the sensitive and fragile feelings of youngsters. Through the friendship story of two young people, Karakaşlı is telling with a poetic language, how we can overcome the difficulties in our lives with the power of new friendships.


Deniz, whose mother has passed way long years ago and whose father got married again was so unhappy. He decides to live together with his aunt and her husband who are living in another city far from his hometown. He doesn’t accept to come back home in spite of all the efforts of his father and his new wife İdil. Deniz, who is trying to hold on to life through the unsent letters he wrote to his mother is visiting his father only during his summer holidays. That summer when he comes back home unwillingly as always , he meets the daughter of his father’s new neighbor, Aykızı. Their friendship with Aykızı impresses Deniz deeply. This close friendship changes both of their lives in time.

Karin Karakaşlı

She was born in İstanbul. She graduated from Boğaziçi University, Department of Foreign Languages and Translation, followed by a master’s degree from Yeditepe University in the field of Comparative Literature. Her first story book for adults was published in 1999. She received Yaşar Nabi Nayır Award in 1998. Her books for children and young adults are being published by Günışığı Kitaplığı. Her award winner young adult’s novel When the Moon Meets the Sea (Ay Denizle Buluşunca, 2008) followed by a picture book named The Night Sun (Gece Güneşi, ill. Şirin Dağtekin Yenen, 2011) which tells about imagination of a sister devamı için tıklayınız

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