A warm illustrated story that teaches the concept of “time” to preschool children. A preschool classic with sound repetitions.


Aslı asks when she can go swimming and her mother replies that she has to wait until Sunday adding that there is still a long time until then. When Aslı wants to know what “time” means, her mother explains…


Gülçin Alpöge

Born in İstanbul, Alpöge completed her university education in Istanbul University and received her master’s degree in New York University. After working in pre-school institutions for 13 years she decided to continue her academic career and she became a professor in 2002. She prepared nearly thirty children’s books and has written many short stories in various magazines. Alpöge, also rewrites the fairy tales and the folk tales for today’s children. Alpöge is currently teaching in Boğaziçi University, Education Faculty. She lives in Istanbul with her husband and son .