Murat Yalçın

He was born in 1970, in İstanbul. He graduated from Psychology Department of İstanbul University. His first article was published in 1986, and his first story was published in1989. In addition to his story books named Aşkımumya (1995), İma Kılavuzu (2003), Şen Saat (2006), Karga Zarif (2012), he also has  two novels named Hafif Metro Günleri (1998), Dayı Parçası (2020), one book which covers fictional letters named İçimde Oğuz Atay ile Orhan Gencebay İkizi Yaşıyor: editöre-postalar (2013) and one essay book named Kontrol Kalemi (2015). With his story book Kesik Hava, he received 2009 Story Award of Turkish Writers Union. He also received  2017 Yunus Nadi Story Award with his story book named Pera Mera. Since 1997, he works as an editor at Yapı Kredi Publishing and he is the editor in chief of kitap-lık book magazine since 2000. He is known as one of the exceptional story tellers of Turkish literature. His latest book Oralı Olmamak (2020) is a young adult novel he wrote for the “Bridge Books” collection of Günışığı Kitaplığı,. Yalçın, lives in İstanbul with his wife and son.

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Murat Yalçın