Çiğdem Sezer

Sezer was born in Trabzon. After graduating from Ankara Gevher Nesibe Health Education Institute, she worked in various places as a nurse and a teacher. Her poems were published in various literary magazines such as Kıyı, Karşı, Çağdaş Türk Dili and Varlık. Her first book of poems Kanadı Atlas Kuşlar (1991) received numerous awards. She received Dünya Book Magazine Poetry Award for Çılgın Su (1993), Orhon Murat Arıburnu Poetry Award for Bir Şehrin Hatıra Fotoğraflarından (1998), 2006 Ceyhun Atuf Kansu Poetry Award for Dünya Tutulması (2005) and 2017 Dağlarca Poetry Award for Küçük Şeyler Mevsimi (2016). Besides her poetry books, she has books in other genres such as city monographies and biographies and several novels for children, young adults and adults. Sezer received Türkan Saylan Art Award for her children’s poetry book Alfabeden Kaçan Harfler (2014) and ODTÜ Schools Children’s Literature Award for her children’s novel Juju Beni Unutma (2015). In 2018 she wrote a picture book series named “Bayan Şeftali ve Alya”. Her many young adult novels were followed by Missing Spring (Saklı Bahar, 2017) published by ON8. Life Patisserie (Hayat Pastanesi, 2017) published from Günışığı Kitaplığı’s special award-winning collection “Bridge Books”. She wrote Truck Cafe (Kamyon Kafe) in 2018 and with this book, she took her extremely deserved place on IBBY 2020 Honor List. Her latest book is a poetry book named Laughter Cake (Kahkaha Keki) which is very newly published in 2020. Sezer lives in Ankara with her husband. She has a daughter and son.

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Kahkaha Keki

Çiğdem Sezer
3rd edition

Kamyon Kafe

Truck Cafe
Çiğdem Sezer

Saklı Bahar

Missing Spring
Çiğdem Sezer
7th edition

Hayat Pastanesi

Life Patisserie
Çiğdem Sezer