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5 Çocuk 5 İstanbul

5 Children 5 İstanbuls

Picture book

This picture book, written and illustrated by Betül Sayın, tells children the story of İstanbul in five different periods, using objects symbolising each of those historical periods. It takes the children to a journey through the history of İstanbul from ancient times to the current day.

Author: Betül Sayın

Düz Çizgi Tepetaklak

Topsy Turvy Straight Lines


Lina is in trouble with straight lines. It’s as if her father’s profession, which is driving the crosswalk lines and the lines on highways, invaded their whole life… İrem Uşar is reminding the uniformity of the artefact life in spite of the diversity and liveliness in nature. With black and white illüstrations by Huban Korman…

Author: İrem Uşar

İçimdeki Ses

The Voice In Me


A storyteller with a genuine, vivid and powerful language, Gaye Boralıoğlu chooses to tell her tale of nowadays from the teenagers’ point of view. This novel is about an ambitious young girl whose mind is cluttered by her first love and her struggles on testing her boundaries and her freedom.

Author: Gaye Boralıoğlu

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Yüksek Tansiyonlu Çınar Ağacı

The Plane Tree With High Blood Pressure

Picture book

Ayşe and Ahmet’s father is like the old plane tree in the village. He is as big like a giant, and he sleeps and sleeps all the time…

Author: Behiç Ak

Rights Sold To: China

Çılgın Babam

My Eccentric Dad


Zeynep was only six when they were playing their “come to my whistle” game with her father in Grand Bazaar of old İstanbul city. At the age of ten she decided to become an actress and started to work in her father’s film company…

Author: Zeynep Cemali

Rights Sold To: Bulgaria

Karadeniz Amazonları

TIGER QUEEN Black Sea Amazons

Anadolu’da Bir Zamanlar (Once Upon A Time in Anatolia series)

The troops of the Scythian king raid the villages constantly and kidnap the women. One night the troops raid the valley of the old women and kidnap young Tigira whose mother they have killed. Tigira will create the legend of the Amazons and will fight against cruel kings and injustices.

Author: İsmet Bertan

Rights Sold To: Bulgaria